Policy and Program Development

Rick McKenzie, President of EnviroVest was one of the founding Directors of the Government of Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency and directed the development of many of the energy efficiency programs and policies that shaped the future of energy use in Canada since 1979.

The EnviroVest Team assists governments and utilities develop energy management strategies, policies, and programs for buildings, processes and communities. Our strategies optimize the use of existing resources and incorporate the optimal mix of program tools including: regulations, third party financing, well tuned procurement documents and processes, behavior change strategies, market research and consultation, risk management and monitoring/verification tools.

Project Development

EnviroVest Projects consist of a carefully blended package of energy efficiency technologies and practices as well as renewable energy solutions such as wind and solar, which can be funded through third party investments and repaid from guaranteed, stipulated or insured savings.

The EnviroVest Solution starts with our assessment of an organization’s capabilities, needs and opportunities.

Then, in concert with our clients we develop the best solution for them. The best solution may be a full Turnkey Solution. In this case we assist the Owner procure and manage an Energy Service Company (ESCo). Or the best solution may consist of a “do-it-yourself” savings financed project, whereby a number of engineering and construction firms are used for the various aspects of the program and the implementation is integrated into an organizations existing procurement and management team.